THM Update: 52 Pounds GONE!

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  1. Ronda
    | Reply

    I would like to join the THM Monday /Friday video support group. I have the book and am a newbie.:) Your story is so inspiring

    • Amber Canaan
      | Reply

      Thank you so much Ronda! I will add you to the list and you will get an email tomorrow!

  2. Kerry
    | Reply

    Amber! I have missed you and wondered how you were doing. You look so happy and sound your usual upbeat self. i am so excited that you are starting an online support group. I have joined several THM FB sites but they are way to busy and I often wonder if some of the recipes are true THM meals. I did quite a bit of research before beginning my journey and watching and listening to your videos was the final determining factor to get started. I quickly went from 210 to 200. I have not weighed myself since November 1st. I will be weighing in December 1st. I am able to fit back into my jeans from Kohl’s that I bought two years ago which are a size 10. I was able to squeeze into them when I was 189, so I am guessing that is what I weigh now. I never feel bloated anymore and I am in the kitchen quite a bit and saving money by not being a “Drive Thru Sue”. I do struggle with bringing food to work for lunch and dinner. I carry a purse, lunch bag, laptop, and school bag and it seems I am always lugging dirty dishes around. I no longer take 20 minutes to make the coffee recipe and can actually make BIM in record time. I do have questions about the coffee. Is it E or S and can you have more than one cup? How much GGMS should I be drinking? BTW I love the stuff and stick with the original recipe. With your busy life style and three kids how do it?

    I was thrilled to get notification that you had posted a new video. I am up way past my bedtime working on a paper for school due tomorrow night. I told my husband once I finish my reward would be watching your video. You look wonderful and congratulations on holding it together. I appreciate your honesty about the hot dogs and cupcakes. My honesty back to you is that I plan on enjoying my sister’s Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings. The following day, I will go right back on plan. In fact I will have an on plan breakfast and lunch Thanksgiving Day.
    Thank you for all your encouragement and l along with a few of my friends, (Hello Cheryl and Kelly) will be looking forward to hearing more about your support group.

    Have a great night,

    • Amber Canaan
      | Reply

      Hi Kerry! I love your comments so much! You take so much time write them and I get the most wonderful feedback! You are wonderful!

      Did you weigh yourself today? If so…how did it go? I’m excited to hear!

      The coffee with the butter is a S…without butter it is a FP from my understanding. You can have more than 1 cup…though I am not a HUGE coffee drinker, so I don’t drink that much :-). 1 cup a day is all I need. If you’re looking for something else as a pick me up, I can help you with that! I’ve got a bunch of essential oils that are really energizing!

      As far as GGMS, you can drink that all day long if you want. I go in spurts with that. I can drink it for 2-3 days, and then I have to take a break for a week or two, so I’ll go back to my tea sweetened with stevia.

      I’m going to post some more videos, hopefully tomorrow…I just have to get them edited!

      I am really excited to have you in the group!

      As far as how do I do all of this with 3 kids? I don’t know…it must be God…but honestly, I struggle with balancing everything, especially now that I’m building a business I love!

  3. Bonnie Kostreva
    | Reply

    Hi Amber, My husband and I would like to join your group. We need HELP! I’ve had the book and read 1/3rd of it but haven’t started yet. Your video about meal planning is great. We’ll get started on that today. Thank you, Bonnie

  4. Sharyn Cozzens
    | Reply

    I am in a wheelchair and cannot stand and cook. Is there a way to adapt this program so I can get on it?

  5. Ce Ce
    | Reply


    I am TRULY thankful and grateful for your time and for your information. I am a newbie for THM. I just finished reading the book and I would appreciate help and a support group.

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