I ♥ My Bathroom

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With three small children in the house, the words “peace” and “quiet” aren’t in our vocabulary.  It seems that 90 percent of the time someone is crying.  Either someone has fallen, or thrown something at someone else, or taken someone … Read More

Public, Private or Home School?

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Since the birth of our son, August of 2013 has had a special place in our future.  Although he’s almost six years old, his birthday falls right after the cut-off to begin kindergarten.  We changed our minds many times about … Read More

Zucchini Brownies Say WHAT?!?

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I ran across a recipe a while back for zucchini brownies.  I was instantly intrigued.  I love zucchini bread, who doesn’t?  And the way my daughter refuses to eat anything green these days, I thought, “Why not?” The recipe I … Read More