Biblical Discipline?

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I ran across this post today about a girl who tragically died as a result of “discipline” based on the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl in their book “To Train Up A Child.”  I was so enraged that any child would … Read More

Ignoring RSVP requests and mean children

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It SERIOUSLY gets on my nerves when I send out an invitation that clearly says, “RSVP by (whatever date)” and NO ONE RSVP’S! So, I’m going to take that to assume that no one actually knows what the letters “RSVP” … Read More

The Embarrassment of a Breastfeeding Mother

If you’re a breastfeeding mother, chances are this has happened to you… If you’re currently pregnant, chances are, this will happen to you.  It sneaks up on you at the most inopportune times, like when you’re standing in line at the grocery … Read More

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Travel Tips for Families
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This week was our annual vacation, although truthfully, it hasn’t really been annual. A couple of years ago we did some traveling and got really sick two trips and a row, and that... Read More

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In my life, I’m all about simple, easy but highly functional items that (1) protect things I use often (from composting toilet to mobile phone) and (2) don’t give me a headache trying... Read More