Easy Glass Screen Protector Replacement!

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In my life, I’m all about simple, easy but highly functional items that (1) protect things I use often (from composting toilet to mobile phone) and (2) don’t give me a headache trying to use them! I started using glass screen protectors on my phone about a year ago because I got so frustrated using the regular film ones! Those things were always getting bubbles or lint underneath them, they looked awful, they were ridiculously hard to apply, the list goes on and on.

The only bad thing about glass screen protectors is that when you drop your phone, they probably crack, or chip, or both! The good thing though is that they’re supposed to save those things from happening to your screen! I have found this to be true, while I’ve cracked two screen protectors, thankfully the screen on my phone remains pristine!

Today was the time to replace my screen protector. I dropped my phone face down on the pavement a couple of weeks ago and the result was three large cracks in my glass screen protector. Since this was not the first time this had happened, I thought I would film a video for you showing how to replace these things. (Shh…it took me a while the first time to figure it out!

With this being the 3rd screen protector I’ve installed in the past year or so, I have to tell you that this one was by far the easiest to apply. I had no trouble lining it up and absolutely no air bubbles or lint underneath. I think the alcohol swab may have played a role in that. This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of those enclosed!

The screen is beautifully clear, no glare, and protected from scratches! Check out my installation video here:

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FTC: I am blessed to be able to partner with awesome brands, like IntelliArmor, who sponsored this video, to help to provide for my family. All opinions in this video are my own and they are 100% true and honest. I have never and will never accept compensation in exchange for telling you about a product that I don’t use and enjoy! I will never be paid to tell you anything that I do not agree with!

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