DIY Face Painting!

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darian face paint
I don’t know what it is about face painting that kids love so much! Maybe it’s the ability to transform into someone or something else! I paint my kids faces a couple of times a year and recently had the opportunity to try out a face paint palette by Bayleaf Botanicals. This stuff is awesome!

lindy face paint

The application was so smooth and I found that it didn’t take much paint to do the job. It rinsed cleanly from the skin when we were ready to remove it. My children had no irritation or discomfort on their skin from having this paint on it for several hours! It did not wear off prematurely and it did not stain.

Bayleaf Botanicals Premium Face & Body Paint – Top 28 Color Palette, a MUST HAVE for big celebrations. Be amongst the first to discover the best VEGAN, NON-TOXIC, HYPO-ALLERGENIC face paint MADE IN THE USA today!

This palette paints 280 FULL FACES and is PERFECT for:

-Amateur and Professional Face Painters
-Birthday Parties
-Church or School Carnivals
-Haunted Houses
-Theatrical Departments
-Gift Item

Colors included: white, light gray, dark gray, black, pecan, dark brown, pastel pink, bubble gum, fuchsia, red, pastel yellow, yellow, ochre, pastel blue, blue, ultramarine, midnight, pastel green, lime, green, forest, apricot, orange, burnt orange, aster, lilac, purple and deep purple

They offer a money back guarantee as well, which I appreciate because I like knowing that if I buy something and it doesn’t work as promised, I’m not out my hard-earned money!

Check out Bayleaf Botanicals here

evan face paint


FTC: I have been blessed to be able to share many wonderful brands here on YouTube and help support my family while using products I love and making videos I love! This video was sponsored by Bayleaf Botanicals! All opinions in this video are 100% my own! I have never and will never accept money from a company who requires that I portray their product in a certain light, or that I say certain thing that I do not agree with.

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